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Emergency and ambulance services

24/7 ambulance service in all districts of Herat city



A place with international standards

Compassionate hospital with world-class standards in medical treatment


Professional and experienced staff

Professional specialist with lots of experience in their respective department


Working Hours

Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours
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Clean environment
Our staff are always working hard to provide a clean environment for patients and visitors
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Standard Building
Mehraban hospital's building is the first and only building in Herat designed specifically for a hospital
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Latest Medical Technologies
Keeping abreast of technological advancement enables modern hospitals to innovate and improve the quality of healthcare
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Experienced Specialists
With experienced specialists 24 hours a day

Our Departments


Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases, premarital advice, treatment of infertility, antenatal Care, maternity care, post-natal care, family planning.


Cardiology, vascular, endoscopy and digestive, respiratory, nephrology, oncology, neurology, mental health, emergency services and ICU.


Cardiology, vascular, digestive, respiratory, nephrology, oncology, emergency services, ICU, NICU, premature care.


Diagnosis and treatment of bone, muscle and joint problems including: Osteoporosis, restoration of normal and abstruse fractures, tumor removal, bone graft.


Diagnosis and treatment of thoracic problems such as: goitre, lung cysts and tumors, mediastinal tumors, tracheal and stomach tumors, tracheostomy obstruction.


Implementation of all general surgery procedures and laparoscopy.


Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, full eye checkup, examination and consultation of diabetic and hypotensive patients, cataract surgeries.


Treatment and performance of advanced ENT surgeries including: treatment of chronic ear inflammations, laser treatment of eardrum rupture, treatment of genetic deafness in children and adults.


Diagnosis and treatment of urinary and genital problems such as: kidney stones, ureter stones, bladder stones, bladder cancer, prostate diseases, urinary tract obstruction.


Alongside other departments; Mehraban hospital has had impressive achievements in the neurosurgery department.


Dental cleaning, dental whitening, treatment of gum bleeding, filling of teeth, tooth root treatment (Root canal).

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Performance of all physiotherapy procedures using advanced and modern units via our professional physiotherapists.


Well equipped emergency ward, pharmacy, ambulance, restaurant.


Reassure yourself of you and your family’s health with Mehraban hospital’s checkup packages.


Hearing screening for newborns and elderly, diagnosis of eardrum ruptures.

Our Doctors

Internal Medicine Specialist
Intervention cardiologist
Internal Medicine Specialist
General Surgery Specialist
Specialist and Surgeon of Urology

Fellowship in minimal access and Laparoscopic Surgeries (Tehran Iran)

Specialist and Surgeon of Urology

Fellowship in Kidney Transplant (Tehran Iran)

Neurologist Surgeon

Urology Specialist

Dental surgeon
Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon
Clinical Psychologist
Internal Medicine Specialist
Internal Medicine Specialist
MD-PGD - Ophthalmologist

MD-PGD-Ophthalmologist Fellow of Strabismus & Oculoplasty Fellow of Cataract & Phaco

Neurospine Surgeon

Spine Fellowship in Sina Super Specialty Hospital Tehran

Specialist and Surgeon of Urology